About Us

About Us

Over the last 16 years, OnceRed has quietly established itself as a leading innovator in integration strategies. Integration is more than sharing data. Integration is founded on the principled acknowledgement that a great deal of data is sensitive. And the distribution of all data should be handled in a secure, transparent and trustworthy manner.

With the recent explosion of cloud computing, data analytics and big data, APIs have taken a front seat in the production and distribution of data. So our focus has been to help large companies seamlessly and securely connect their systems to the outside world.

Who Are We?

We believe in building more engaging banking …

Whether you decide to build your own ecosystem or align with an ecosystem provider, it’s about finding the right mix of partners to provide optimal customer experience that scales.

Fintechs experience growing pains. When we deliver, your tech is able to withstand partner outages and “gotchas”.

Bad actors are lurking around the internet eager to exploit vulnerabilities. So you need to harden your tech for security and privacy. The larger financial institutions have the resources to build highly adept and secure connections. Small to middle-sized banks are more likely to build something that is less than optimal or trust untested vendors.

This is how we can help you …

help you build a better bank …

build a better banking experience for your customers.